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Updated: May 16, 2020

Since starting teaching online I have seen and heard some very funny things. Kids are more clever than we give them credit for, they can work out computer programs and apps within minutes. A Dance teacher who thinks she is fairly tech savvy, can be totally crushed by her eight year old daughter who can blend apps and create incredible movies in minutes.

Since my son started in an iPad class in grade 4, he has now become my technical mastermind. If I'm confused or cant get something to work I often lean on my 11 year old to fix the problem, which he gladly obliges to and follows it up by reminding me that my generation is incompetent with technology. Then my 8 year old joins in and they laugh and laugh until I send them to their rooms with no iPad.

Anyway Back to Zoom, I was extremely nervous using this new program but everyone else was doing it and so why couldn't I? The first week was full of nerves, and Im pretty sure my classes were not of my personal standard. I was so worried about sound and internet dropping out etc, there was too much to think about. Come week two and I felt like a pro, the classes were running better, parents had smoothed out some problems on their end, it was getting easier to log in and more kids were joining into classes. Now Its a breeze i'm starting to get so used to teaching online that i'm feeling a little sad it might end soon. Not that i'm excited to get into class and physically point someone else's toes and bend them into a pretzel.

The other side of Zoom is what the kids do. This has become almost a game of what could happen today. I've seen kids slip over, animals trip kids over, kids yelling at mum and of course the "I did my class like you said mum can i have a chocolate?"

Then there is the Pick your nose and eat it kids, the ones who want to show you around their house, the ones who un mute themselves too often!! and the ones who like to show you their eyeballs. It has become such a funny time online but also makes it that little bit personal in class. It shows that kids really do miss the interaction with others and are looking forward to returning to the world as we know it.

Check out some funny things that have happened to me over the last few weeks.

Now back to my class with my iPad kids.

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