Dance Classes Online

Updated: May 16, 2020

Since the initial shut down of schools, businesses and our prized dance schools. Life has taken such a dramatic turn. Suddenly Dance teachers all over the world were in panic mode, thinking about how they could continue without a studio, without direct contact to students and how could they possibly keep afloat with no income and still paying outgoings.

Most moved onto online platforms and have been teaching this way for weeks, some studios have been this way for months. It has been a very trialling time for studio owners, some have had to close their doors and others are running at a loss since moving online, wondering about their future. There is always some problem, either with sound or internet services etc. Approximately 30-50% of students have continued learning through online classes. The others have chosen to wait until Isolation is over and classes can resume as per normal. What is the correct choice?

There is no answer; only time will tell, once we