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Dance Without Limits

All Abilities Superstars

All Abilities dance is open to students with additional Needs who are sometimes unable to participate in regular Dance classes.  the music is lowered and all sensory needs are catered for.  Instructors are certified with Rhythm works Integrative dance.

Rhythm Works Integrative dance is a ground breaking rhythm and dance class that uses evidence based therapeutic practices to achieve developmental goals.  To our students its a fun and exciting activity that provides participation and socialisation skills, our teachers work together with developmental teams to incorporate elements and strategies that best support your dancers needs and learning styles.

Instructors recently completed the Performability Instructor Certification. Each class is tailored to suit the abilities of the students in the class. Dance is a wonderful way to gain confidence and make friends. For less mobile students, our dance classes are a great way for physical therapy to be incorporated in a fun and musical environment . Dance is also great for the mind as the students are encouraged to remember routines using imagery, muscle memory and music. Although our inclusive dance classes are full of fun and games, we understand that discipline is also an important skill and this is gently implemented into all of our programs.

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